ECOON Sport -Recycled, Recycable & Sustainable

Sustainability begins in the field and is present at every step in the supply chain. We at ECOON design and manufacturer high technical value performance sport clothing to be used at extreme conditions protecting the people from nature adversities. Now it is time not only to protect the people from nature adversities, but also to protect our planet from human unresponsabilities by reducing the meaningful impact of non recycable clothing being sent to landfill each year and optimizing the manufacturing process, materials and fabrics by using Bluesign system, which is based on five principles:

  • Resource productivity
  • Consumer safety
  • Water emission
  • Air emission
  • Occupational health & safety.

The independent bluesign® system pursues the unique approach to minimize the environmental impact throughout the production process. This guarantees the application of sustainable ingredients in a clean process. As a result, the textile industry manages the natural resources soundly and responsibly, reduces water and air emissions, improves its waste water treatment and generally reduces its ecological footprint.


Reducing our enviromental impacts. We at ECOON are committed to reducing our negative impacts on the climate, water and natural resources through innovative approaches to the design and the manufacture of our materials as well as the way we run our operations. Phasing out PFCs of Environmental Concern and reducing carbon emissions along the value chain is one of our goal. Innovation and new technologies applied to manufacturing processes have made posible the creation of the ECOMEMBRANE material, produced 100% by recycled fabrics and also recyclabe 100%. 

We collect pet plastic bottles which we break and wash and process into tiny flakes of polyester that turns into threads that are used to manufacture ECOON new high-performance waterproof and breathable products. This ECOMEMBRANE is also 100% recycable at the end of its life, meaning that your garment can avoid being added to the ever increasing percentage of textiles going into landfill each year.

ECOMEMBRANE Features a microporous recycled structure to block rainwater while allowing humidity to scape, making a pioneer in first membrane breath and waterproof, 100% Recycled materials and 100% Recycable.

At ECOON we are very aware of the harmful effects that PFC’s have on the environment and on us, so that’s why we’re just using PFC free DWR treated recycled nylon and the filling is 100% recycled polyester.

The fabric we use for our waterproof products contains GRS (Globla Recycled Standard) APPROVED fabrics.
The GRS is an international, voluntary, full product standard that sets requirements for third-party certification of recycled content, chain of custody, social and environmental practices and chemical restrictions.
The shared goal of the standards is to increase the use of recycled materials. 

All the products at ECOON Sport are Vegan products.

What you wear today was something else in the past and will be something different in the future.

Let the planet breathe !