From the very beginning ECOON Sport has been committed to manufacture high technical value performance sport clothing to be used at extreme conditions protecting the people from nature adversities and protecting the planet from human unresponsabilities regarding ecological footprint when producing ECOON garments.

Since the company (“Sleet” in english), mother company of ECOON Sport was created in the year 2018, we have invested enormous amount of energy, resources, and dedication, to innovate with new technologies and solutions to produce the best Recycled, Recycable & Soustainable high tech performance sport wear in the market.

This effort has become in the creation of the ECOMEMBRANE fabric. ECOMEMBRANE Features a microporous recycled structure to block rainwater while allowing humidity to scape, making a pioneer in first membrane breath and waterproof, 100% Recycled materials and 100% Recycable.

ECOON Sport Team is an apassionated Sport activists group of people and very active members of different groups working hard for the planet conservation.

We make clothing from sustainable and recycled materials to care for you and our planet.

Vegan and sustainable clothes, ethical and cruelty-free from recycled plastic products.


Thanks to new technologies applied to manufacturing processes and materials, new recycled and recyclable fabrics have been discovered. Create high-performance sport technical clothing with recycled, recyclable and sustainable fabrics with the best technical performance and design.


Decrease the use of non recycled natural materials as well as the waste created by humans in the planet by using new technology fabrics in the production process.


What you wear today was something else in the past and will be something different in the future.